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How to get a loan:

To consider a loan application you need:

  • Identity document

The bank has the right to request an additional package of documents if necessary. 

Credit advantages:

  • Without collateral and for any purpose;
  • Only 1 document – an identity document;
  • No penalties for early loan repayment;
  • Fast decision making on a loan.

EasyPay – easy and reliable payments for any service and service

With EasyWallet UA you can store and use your loyalty cards from favorite shops (no need to open the app to find card). You can get your personalized offers

Tecnologia all’avanguardia. Scopri ed acquista la gamma di aspirapolvere, prodotti per la cura dei capelli, purificatori, umidificatori e lampade Dyson.

Forward Bank [CPL, API] UA


Кредит готівкою КОКО КЕШ

  • Сума кредиту до 100 000 грн
  • Пільговий період  до 60 днів
  • Строк кредиту від 12 до 48 місяців
  • Реальна річна процентна ставка до 276%
  • Зняття готівки в банкоматах без комісій по Україні
  • Доставка кредиту кур’єром
  • Погашення кредиту без комісії в Forward online

RwSbank Ukraine

“RwS bank” is a stable partner that offers a wide range of beneficial solutions to individuals and corporate businesses. RwS bank  offers consumer loans for individuals for any purpose.

A – Bank for clients: deposits, loans, cards, exchange rates

Прозорі тарифи і вигідні кредити для населення і бізнесу. Кредити готівкою або кредитну картку

Wolf Printing House is the leader of the Ukrainian printing market

Online store of printing WOLF . UA – 23 years on the market!

Wolf UA
Wolf UA
Foxtrot UA

The Foxtrot retail chain is the largest retail chain in Ukraine in terms of the number of stores and the volume of sales of electronics and household appliances. the largest purchasing group for electronics and household appliances, represented in 30 European countries.

Онлайн-магазин техники и электроники Foxtrot – одна из лидирующих торговых сетей в Украине. Бренд вышел на рынок 25 лет назад. За это время наша

AlexCredit is a microcredit company that provides funds for any need, whenever you need it.

You can apply for a loan at any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The decision on your application will be made immediately.

After the approval of the application, the money will be credited to your card within 10 minutes if the application is submitted during business hours or the next business day, if it is submitted after business hours.


Affiliate program benefits:

100% online process;
convenient online loan calculator;
registration of the application within 10 minutes.

AlexCredit [CPS] UA
AlexCredit [CPS] UA

CCloan is an international financial company that provides a modern and simple online microcredit service that makes it easy to get a loan to your bank account or card in the shortest possible time, wherever you are.

Competitive advantages and features:

money is quickly transferred directly to a bank card or the client’s current account;
loan amount for a new client up to UAH 4000;
low interest rates;
decision to issue a loan (within 10 minutes);
transparent conditions for obtaining a loan;
no certificates, pledges or guarantors are required.
Requirements for obtaining a loan:

GEO: Ukraine (except for Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk regions).


MisterCash is a new online lending service that makes it possible to receive money on your bank card within a few minutes. The service works completely online 24/7, so clients can always rely on us if they need money urgently!

Interest rate: 0% * for new customers (rate 0.01%)

Work 24/7: loan applications, loan issuance, as well as customer support work around the clock

«PanCredit» – сервис понятного онлайн-кредитования в Украине.
Особенности :
1. Индивидуальный подход к каждому клиенту.
2. Низкая процентная ставка
3. Постоянные промо-акции
4. Удобный дизайн

Преимущества :
1. Первый кредит на 5000 грн на 30 дней под 0,01%
2. Повторные кредиты – до 20000 грн.
3. Качественный сервис

Кредит онлайн на картку в Moneyveo – гроші за 8 хвилин по всій Україні. Оформіть заявку на позику в Манівео прямо зараз без довідок і поручителів!


The first loan at 0% is back on Forzakredit!

Loan conditions:

Loan amount from 500 to 15,000 UAH. under 2%
A prologue is possible.
Age 18 to 65
Conditions for obtaining a loan:

age from 18 years;
original passport and identification code;
residence and registration in Ukraine;
phone number to confirm information.
GEO: Ukraine, except for Donetsk, Lugansk regions and Crimea.

GlobalCredit [CPS, API] UA
GlobalCredit [CPS, API] UA
GlobalCredit [CPS, API] UA

Global Credit is an online service that issues money to a bank card to citizens of Ukraine. Works even on weekends and holidays.
Due to the expansion of the zone for manual verification of applications, the recommended time limit is from 9 to 19:00.

Updated bonus scale from 01.01:

1-20 dispenses – 480 UAH
21-50 issues – 520 UAH
51-100 issues – 560 UAH
101-200 issues – 600 UAH
201-400 issues – 640 UAH
401-600 issues – 720 UAH
601 issue and more – 800 UAH

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